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A passion for saving lives

The primary goal of PAWsitive Difference is to rescue, foster, and adopt out dogs from families that are unable to continue to care for them.  We also rescue many dogs that have been abandoned or are listed on the kill list of our local animal foundation and help provide these dogs homes with new, loving families. PAWsitive Difference is located in Las Vegas, NV.


Additionally, we help support Veterans and senior citizens in keeping their dogs by providing assistance with the costs of feeding, grooming, medication/shots and vet care. Many of the services we provide are very expensive and our dogs are supported entirely through monetary donations made by people like you.

Our Founders

Annette Thomas (founder) is a hair stylist and an animal lover. She has worked tirelessly on her own for more than 22 years re-homing and rehabilitating over 200 dogs. She has helped rescue, save, foster, adopt, rehab, match and/or provide hospice for these dogs from her strong passion and love for dogs and animals.


Margaret Deibert (co-founder) is an accountant and she recommended that Annette become a 501(c)(3) and she did the required paperwork and in July of 2015, PAWsitive Difference Pet Rescue was born.


Please help us care for these animals by donating funds through the Donate link found at the top of this page.

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